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Hi, I'm Jonah, a mobile game developer. I make fun casual games, as well as a few platformers. My games are available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, all for free! If you would like to contact me about bugs, ideas or anything else, the best way is by email (minibonzogames@gmail.com)! I spend most of my time making mobile games or playing other video games.

I post from time to time on Twitter with programming related stuff, explanations of how I made various programs, and my experiences with the weird and wonderful projects I get up to.

Follow me on Twitter @minibonzo, as stated above, the best place to get into contact with me is my email (minibonzogames@gmail.com). I don't get many emails.

My 9th mobile game, Road Riches, has released for iOS and Android! Click here for iOS or here for Android to download for free today! I plan on releasing my 10th, and possibly final mobile game in the spring!

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Since, October 2021, I have been learning how to make mobile games using Microsoft C# and the Unity Game Engine. It is a project which combines Graphic Design and programming to create a product that people can play and enjoy. So far I have released 9 games, Rolling Rush, Plank Spin, Bouncy Bird, Fruit Sort, Merge Coin, Mountain Rush, Leaf Buster, Juggle Tap and my latest game, Road Riches (incredible names I know). This has been my main project recently, I have spent over 900 hours on it since I started. I plan to finish 1 more and then move on to other projects, possibly making a bigger indie game at some point.

One of my best games currently is my 7th release, Leaf Buster, a game where you tap falling leaves to destroy, stopping them from hitting the bottom of the screen for as long as possible. There are a variety of difficulties and themes to play around with, and your tapping power, defence and gravity can be upgraded to allow you to secure higher scores for a greater success ranking.

I am currently in the process of making 1 more game, to release hopefully in the first half of 2024. This game will be my first platformer with pixel art design. I'm putting more focus into the graphics and overall design, using research I have built up over the last 2 years. If you would like to help with my games, by playtesting, graphic design or coding, contact me via email (minibonzogames@gmail.com).

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Web Toys

I occasionally make simple web toys, often to fulfill a niche purpose (such as the Random Byte Generator) and put them here. Many may have interesting bugs. The Tempo Finder lets you tap a beat with your spacebar, and it will tell you the tempo in BPM (Beats per minute). The Random Byte Generator creates a pseudo-random string of 8 binary digits (0s and 1s), I don't know why you would want it but it exists. Click the link below to view them.

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No personal data is collected by myself or the ad provider in any games published under the name "Jonah Heywood"